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First NameLast NameCompanyBoothPhoneWebsite
RichardTheissRichard TheissGulf Warehouse
SteveThompsonAlan HoopsGulf Warehouse419-422-5365
AlanHoopsAlan HoopsGulf Warehouse419-422-5365
KimJenneCentury LightingCoufal House417-862-7140
EricBrownCentury LightingCoufal House417-862-7140
JamesKrannitzKrannitz DesignSDS-5
PamelaKrannitzKrannitz DesignSDS-5
ChrisGibbieHalsey Dean GallerySDS-3478-232-9247
JoshWheatleyHands of IndustrySDS-2 & Porch(310) 500-8738
BrettMillettHands of IndustrySDS-2 & Porch(310) 500-8738
MattSnodgrassSuzanne Fox AntiquesSDS-1
SuzanneFoxSuzanne Fox AntiquesSDS-1
WilliamHolcombOak Hill Trading CompanyMFH-6781-526-5161
AmyBertelsenLily's AntiquesMFH-4808-345-0002
Mary LouMarksSouthern BeastsMFH-3832-372-7217
SuzySmithMy London FlatMFH-2(b)
AycaStuckeyAyca DesignMFH-2(a)
LindsayAbernathyThe "A" ListMFH-1318-470-0504
HilaryEisemanThe Purse LadyGS-3678-613-3344
VivianBreitelVivian BreitelGS-2
KenRineyKen Riney AntiquesGS-1
HeatherComanTwo Little ByrdsDH-6832-444-7560
ChristineEneboChris Enebo Antique JewelryDH-4303-679-9988
First NameLast NameCompanyBoothPhoneWebsite

Interested in becoming a dealer at the Marburger Farm Antique Show?

Our goal at Marburger Farm is to provide the most exciting venue where the most talented antique dealers come together to offer shoppers a world-class round-up of quality antiques and fresh vintage finds, not tired merchandise and reproductions. Our venue of 9 tents and 12 historic buildings offers the antique dealer and shopper alike a truly unique experience. We pride ourselves in our most valuable resource, the greatest group of antique dealers in the United States and abroad.