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First NameLast NameCompanyBoothPhoneWebsite
JoanWenglerJoan WenglerCa7(719) 650-1518
KarlWestermanBirdie's MarketAd12(512) 689-0066
SherylWestermanBirdie's MarketAd12(512) 689-0066
JoshWheatleyHands of IndustrySDS-2(310) 500-8738
SusanWheelerSusan Wheeler HomeCb6(360) 402-5080
PatWhitePat White AntiquesH1248-231-7664
AnthonyWhitmanProvenance / Ten Four, LLCAb9 & Ac10(505) 501-3363
MichaelWhittemoreMichael Whittemore AntiquesCc8860-428-1135
GracielaWilkinsGracie's Custom Interiors Inc.Fd1(281) 686-0027
BarbaraWilliamsPrimrose AntiquesDb8 & Dc9903-843-3770
MichelleWilsonSodium BulbAc9(214) 725-0529
ScottWilsonSodium BulbAc9(214) 725-0529
ChristiWilsonThe Brown ShedH3(979) 525-6209
ShariWoolleyShari B.
HallieYarbroughIntellectual Property JewelryBa2(800) 610-0294
JenzYoderHidden Wall ArtAb4(806) 316-2651
JayYupcavagePennsylvania AntiquesEb1570-628-4034
JenniferZanettiJennifer ZanettiCb4404-386-0302
KerriZeienThe Cotton ShedBd1812-467-3147
LucasZeienThe Cotton ShedBd1812-467-3147
First NameLast NameCompanyBoothPhoneWebsite

Interested in becoming a dealer at the Marburger Farm Antique Show?

Our goal at Marburger Farm is to provide the most exciting venue where the most talented antique dealers come together to offer shoppers a world-class round-up of quality antiques and fresh vintage finds, not tired merchandise and reproductions. Our venue of 9 tents and 12 historic buildings offers the antique dealer and shopper alike a truly unique experience. We pride ourselves in our most valuable resource, the greatest group of antique dealers in the United States and abroad.