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First NameLast NameCompanyBoothPhoneWebsite
MichaelMcHaleMcHale Silverwares & Fine ChinaDH-3 & DH-7805-484-1291
LarryThompsonMr. Chippendale's BestDH-2(770) 982-3729
MargaretAlderman FordAlderman Ford AntiquesDH-1 & DH-5803-447-6630
WendyWehmeyer PatusRough and Tumble VintageBSS-2631-905-7751
StevieThompsonThe Garden CompanyBSS-1979-743-4648
PatriceWatineJardin de FranceFd7
PaulWhitmireSuzanne's AntiquesFd6405-478-4207
SuzanneWhitmireSuzanne's AntiquesFd6405-478-4207
GinnySmithMaison de France AntiquesFd3205-699-6330
PatriciaGalvierChatelet AntiquesFd2832-696-3544
GracielaWilkinsGracie's Custom Interiors Inc.Fd1281-491-4347
BetsyAustinTres Bien AntiquesFc6713-907-6042
MitraKilburnArt & Antique HunterFc4 & Fd4213-819-1218
DomenicoBucetiThe Globe
BobHarrisBenton Hayden & AssociatesFb6405-816-5890
Mary JaneHarrisBenton Hayden & AssociatesFb6404-906-0369
RaymondKeyThe Mustard Seed AntiquesFb5 & Fc5713-462-1855
Mary SueKeyThe Mustard Seed AntiquesFb5 & Fc5713-462-1855
PascaleJonesArt & Antiques EclecticFb4337-660-1896
KempHickeyKemp DesignsFb3 & Fc3404-869-8210
LisaStraitAntica CollectionFb2 & Fc2832-867-7388
DavidMeelheimDavid Meelheim DesignsFb1703-863-1231
LynnKingThe Side DoorFa5
DavidSheffieldSheffield AntiquesFa4850-258-4932
First NameLast NameCompanyBoothPhoneWebsite

Interested in becoming a dealer at the Marburger Farm Antique Show?

Our goal at Marburger Farm is to provide the most exciting venue where the most talented antique dealers come together to offer shoppers a world-class round-up of quality antiques and fresh vintage finds, not tired merchandise and reproductions. Our venue of 9 tents and 12 historic buildings offers the antique dealer and shopper alike a truly unique experience. We pride ourselves in our most valuable resource, the greatest group of antique dealers in the United States and abroad.