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KimPettyKim Petty ArtBa4(214) 962-6990
TerryPfisterEast of LAAa12, Ab12, Ac13(303) 478-9528
TerryPfisterEast of LAAb12(303) 478-9528
TerryPfisterEast of LAAc13(303) 478-9528
DabneyPierceBrooks & MillerDb12, Dc13, Dd12713-384-0476
DabneyPierceBrooks & MillerDc13713-384-0476
DabneyPierceBrooks & MillerDd12713-384-0476
TimothyPoeTimothy Poe StudioEa2(205) 240-9429
LethaPolkLe Petite TresorBb1843-345-6657
JimPruittTusk AntiquesEb4 (1/3)(704) 968-7053
FranRiddellFran Riddell Renaissance CollectionBd5(601) 201-8688
MikelRobinsonMikel RobinsonAb9828-779-4153
MaidleneRobinsonNatalie Grace HomeBd2(404) 428-9374
SteveRogersPrize Home + GardenTENT I913-485-0661
MimiRogersMimi Rogers
SteveRogersPrize Home + GardenBa1 & Tent I913-485-0661
BeaRudderElizabeth RudderCb9(404) 432-4820
BarbaraSamsPalm Beach Estate SalesDa11(561) 485-3313
CathScaddenCottage HomeBd6(515) 250-2005
JohannaSchaitelReStyle & CoAd8(715) 441-9800
HelenSchmidtHVS CollectionsBb6832-498-4040
TimSchneiderTim Schneider Fine ArtAb5(281) 596-9484
First NameLast NameCompanyBoothPhoneWebsite

Interested in becoming a dealer at the Marburger Farm Antique Show?

Our goal at Marburger Farm is to provide the most exciting venue where the most talented antique dealers come together to offer shoppers a world-class round-up of quality antiques and fresh vintage finds, not tired merchandise and reproductions. Our venue of 9 tents and 12 historic buildings offers the antique dealer and shopper alike a truly unique experience. We pride ourselves in our most valuable resource, the greatest group of antique dealers in the United States and abroad.